Are you a business owner or marketer in IT/SaaS, trying to change the world?

Then we should talk

My name’s Daniel, and I’m a content and copywriter for the IT and SaaS industries.

I help you connect with your customers with snappy copy and content. I do this by talking with you about your business goals and ideal customers. Once I know what you’re hoping to achieve, I put pen to paper (or more accurately, I drink a lot of coffee and tap at my keyboard), creating tailored content to meet your objectives.

I’ve written everything from B2B website copy for a food manufacturer to blog content for a motivational fitness website. Depending on the project, the results have ranged from an increase in customer enquiries to hundreds of social shares on content, driving more visitors to the site.

In my spare time I enjoy writing fiction, which has helped develop that creative spark. I’m a bit of a fitness nut and have tried everything from surfing and mountain biking to weightlifting and kettlebells. I also enjoy the occasional Netflix binge; sometimes you simply need to watch every episode of Cowboy Bebop back-to-back.

Contact me now and learn how I can help you with your business. Or to discuss the best anime currently on Netflix, I’m easy either way.

A photograph of Daniel